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Nick Gade

I’m a visual artist because I can’t help it..! In short, and perhaps because my career as a visual artist already started with my first breath. Asger Jorn’s pictures in Silkeborg inspired me at an early age to art and the overwhelming experience I felt even then has inspired and developed me in the direction where art gives the greatest experience.

For me, art has contributed with insight into life and the choices I make. It has given me a curiosity about the universe, existence and existence’s exterior and interior. My images continue to be a reflection of the inner – an inner that is developed and manifested through my outer artistic processes.

I have always felt that there was something I had to communicate to others besides myself, and my life has always been a search for knowledge about this being alive and what underlies the actions we take .

I experience insight through communication and language; Communication with other people, but also a lot in the inner, creative and artistic. The most precious thing for me is the imagery on canvas. The paintings are part of me and I am part of the paintings

My artistic project, visual artist and the way there.

My works, like life, are built up of many layers. They are my path to insight into my soul state and to the collective light. The creativity in the paintings enlightens me, and are messages about understanding the universal in my and the collective life.

The title is up to you | Print på lærred

For me, the light provides a form of descriptive behavior – like when you’re climbing a ladder, you feel it with all your senses and in a new perspective. It is an experience about a description of a development to greater wealth. Here I get the peace, balance, insight and satisfaction I want.

With this artistic insight and painting process, I can transfer the world I’m in into paintings and artistic works.

It is my hope that through my works you will also find what you need, and it gives me great joy to be able to share the world I experience at exhibitions and here on the web gallery.

Welcome to Galleri Nick Gade Kunst

Artist Nick Gade


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