From my heart,
Welcome to Nick Gade Art.

It is my great pleasure to showcase my works on this site.

They are all painted with the desire to convey a sensory experience.

I will briefly talk about myself.
I paint paintings and can't stop ..!
It is my path to insight into my mental state as to the collective light. The pictures inform me, and are messages
about understanding the universal in my life, and the collective ..!
The images are a reflection of my inner self developing from the outside.
The paintings are made up of many layers (life is full of many layers) likewise the light is a description on a ladder
and description on development for the greatest wealth. Only with this painting technique, can I at this time
paint the world I am in, and gain the insight and satisfaction I seek by painting .. !!
I am very pleased to be able to share the world I experience through my paintings with all of you.

Copyright @ All Rights Reserved Nick Gade 2020

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