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It all beginns with a thougt. The brown or white canvas, the soft bruches, the colors, the silent night. Emotions becomes Feelings, and just like love feels like an incredibly strong emotion, it´s purhaps just a single choice - making a choice every day. It all begins with af thougt, a feeling, a connection between art and emotion.

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From my heart, Welcome to Nick Gade Art.

have always felt that there was something I needed to communicate to others, and my life has always been a search for knowledge about being and understanding the choices we make and the actions we take.

I gain insight through communication with other people, but also a lot in the inner, creative and artistic me. The paintings are a part of me, just like photography and music. When the brushes are resting, I regularly swing the sticks as a performing musician and drummer.

My Artistic project and the way to it

Each og us leaves a layer of evidence about what happened in our life. My layers are my way to insight into my mental state and to the collective light.

To me, the light gives a kind of descriptive behavior - as when one ascends a ladder sensing all senses and in a new perspective. It is an experience about a description of a development to a greater wealth.

With this artistic insight and process, I can transfer the world - my world - into to paintings and artistic works.

Through my works, I hope you will find what you need, and I am delighted to be able to share the world I experience both in the gallery in Randers and on the web gallery here on the site.

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