Nick Gade Art

Danish artist

Dear visitors


I will briefly tell a little bit about myself.

I paint and I can’t live without it.

It’s my way to get insight into my soulful state. The pictures tells me, and are messages, about the universe in my life and how to better understand it.

The paintings are reflections of my inner being that develops from the outside world and nothing else.

My paintings are made up by many layers (life is full of many layers). Only that way, I can paint the world that I live in and get the insight and satisfaction that I seek by painting.

I’m very excited to share the world that I experience through my paintings, with all of you.

Featured in:

British VOGUE, december issue 2018


British VOGUE, January issue 2019


British VOGUE, february issue 2019


House & Garden, January issue 2019

House & Garden, february issue 2019

House & Garden, March issue 2019

British GQ , March issue 2019

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